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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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what a few days for the country, for orlando. how are you feeling? is it affecting you in your personal life? let me know. online. thanks for watching, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. good night. welcome to "hannity." now tonight the terrorist attack in orlando is just the latest example of mass murder committed at the hands of islamic extremists, but sadly, the left does not get it. yesterday, president obama lashed out in a petulant manner at his critics and went on a tirade about why he won't identify the enemy for what they are, radical islamic terrorists. watch this. >> for a while now, the main contribution of some of my friends on the other side of the aisle have made in the fight against isil is to criticize this administration and me for
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not using the phrase, radical islam. this is a political distraction. so there's no magic to the phrase, radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. if we fall into the trap of painting all muslims with a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terrorist work for them. >> and that's not all. in the past, hillary clinton has also been hesitant to link radical islamic terrorism together. plus as we have exposed on this program, the clinton foundation has taken millions of dollars from countries with deplorable human rights records. especially toward women and gays and chriss ch tians and jews. joining us the author of "defeating jihad: the winnable war" distinguished chair at marine corps university, dr. sebastian gorka. i want to go through this history because i think people need to look at this in its
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proper perspective. so the president draws a red line in the sand. if the syrians use weapons of mass destruction, he does nothing when they do. he creates a vacuum by pulling out of iraq early. so isis can fill that vacuum. he's released terrorists back into the battlefield by releasing one gitmo terrorist after another. he gives $150 billion to the iranians, we know what they're going to do with that money. they're the number one state sponsor of terror. he gives muhammad morsi at the time after the arab spring who's the egyptian president, he gives him -- he gives him f-16s, tanks, and, you know, a billion taxpayer dollars. how can you be so wrong so often as this president is? >> i think, sean, the prosecution rests. i think you've made the case. whenever it's an option between supporting our friends who could really make america safer, such as president sisi or king abdullah of jordan, or the kurds
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in iraq, he'll always choose the other side. he'll give the people who every friday in the mosque preach death to america, $150 billion. he'll have this reset button thanks to hillary clinton with russia that afterwards proceeds to invade ukraine and threaten the rest of our nato allies. he'll go on. think about one thing, sean. about six months before the deal with iran that released the billions, president obama gave an interview to an arab language newspaper in the middle east. of course, nobody in america reads. and the translation of the interview stated that president obama admitted that iran is still a state sponsor of terrorism. and then he goes and gives him $150 billion. >> i mean, again, none of this makes sense. i want you to be patient and stay with me because hillary supported the gitmo detainee
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issue. she was on the wrong side on the muslim brotherhood issue. the iranian issue was negotiated while she was the secretary of state. and the same thing with iraq and the same thing with syria. now, she has taken through the clinton foundation and donations to the clinton library, i want to two through this slowly, stay with me. if you start with saudi arabia, okay, $25 million, up to that amount to the clinton foundation. $10 million to the clinton library. women can't drive. they need permission to work or travel. marital rape not recognized. if you're gay or lesbian, punishable by death. no churches. noudi arabia. she takes their money. kuwait, $10 million donated to the clinton foundation. courts deny women the right to become public prosecutors and judges. no laws against domestic violence or rape. and if you're gay, and you're involved in a homosexual act, well, that's illegal and you can get seven years in prison and a fine. if you go to the uae, they
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donated up to $5 million to the clinton foundation. men have the legal right to beat their wives with physical violence. marital rape is not recognized. same-sex marriage is illegal. all sex activity outside of marriage is illegal and women are often punished severely for adultery. then we go to brunei. money donated to the clinton foundation, up to $5 million. marital rape is not a crime. as the wife is not under the age of 13. and if you're gay, those acts are illegal. punishable by up to ten years in prison. and some cases, death. qatar, $5 million, up to that amount to the clinton foundation. marital rape not a crime. the law states that it's a woman's responsibility to obey her husband. and if you're gay and commit gay acts, punishable by death. oman, up to $5 million to the clinton foundation. a woman's consent is not required to legalize a marriage. marital rape is not a crime.
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if you're gay, it's punishable by up to six months to three years in prison. algeria gave, what, up to $500,000 to the clinton foundation. marital rape not a crime. married women under 18, they can't travel abroad without the permission of their husband. homosexual activity is illegal. punishable by two months to two years in prison and a fine. and the "washington post" reports that many middle eastern countries donated over $1 million to the clinton foundation as you can see up there on the screen. now, i say all this, she says she's the champion of women's rights. and gay rights. and up until this week, she's never criticized the practices of these countries and took their money. how corrupt, you know, is that hypocrisy in your view? >> sean, i have to commend you and your amazing team. you have just summarized with some very important data and
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research everything that the "huffington post" and "the new york times" should be doing. if they actually believed in the values that they spout, they should have published what withdrew just summarized in three minutes and hillary clinton's campaign would be down in flames. she would be exposed for what she is. a person who loves power more than anything else and is prepared to say one thing while receiving money from the people who stand for exactly the opposite. >> so, seriously, if all the reports that we read, all right, that donald trump has trouble with the women's vote. mitt romney was excoriated because he has women's resumes in binders, women he wanted to hire. women are treated, discriminated in all these countries she took money against. gays and lesbians are either executed or punished severely. they're mistreated. she claims to be their champion. if you're christian, you cannot build a temple.
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i'm sorry. a church in saudi arabia. you cannot build a temple if you're jewish. she claims to be the advocate, the champion of all of their rights. how do you explain the taking of money in this particular case? >> very simply. for the left today, not the democrat party of the 1960s of jfk but for the democrat party today, reality is optional. it has been kidnapped by the olinski-ites. for them it is just cause. you say whatever you like as long as you can maintain power. it's not about truth, sean, anymore. it's about staying in power and getting the millions. you've just proven it. >> all right. let me ask you, you're an e pert on military matters. you've examined the clinton/obama foreign policy. in libya, in syria, pulling out of iraq early, gains such as fallujah and tikrit, releasing gitmo detainees, giving money to
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the former muslim brotherhood head muhammad morsi and $150 billion to iran. exam that from a national security standpoint. how profound are these mistakes? >> they're catastrophic, sean. they are literally catastrophic. in every case. think about just the release of the top leaders of the taliban. literally the war cabinet of the call ban leased from gitmo. we've seen a 40% recidivism rate. the people we let out go back to killing in the name of allah once we free them. how is this good for our security or the security of our allies? wherever you work, the world son fire. in the middle east, in africa, in south asia. wherever they have touched a region, our enemies are emboldened and are friends and allies are fearful. whoever the next president is, it will be a job of herculean
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proportions to win back the confidence of everybody who no longer trusts us because of hillary clinton's foreign policy and the national security policy of president barack obama. >> you know what, i wish you were in charge, sebastian gorka, thank you so much, sir. appreciate it. coming up, the latest on the investigation into the 2-year-old boy being snatched by an alligator in florida. plus, tonight -- >> it's going to happen again and again and again. and we are not doing what we're supposed to be doing. >> donald trump warning earlier today an the rise of islamist attacks on american soil. coming up next, we'll speak with his sons, don jr. and eric. and also tonight, the obama administration is now plowing ahead with their plans to take in thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of syrian refugees. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here to weigh in on that and more tonight on this busy news
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this is a fox news alert. i'm jackie ibanez. chilling information detailing orlando terrorist omar mateen's actions as he carried out the massacre at the pulse nightclub. a exclusive, a key lawmaker with knowledge of the gunman's social media posts says mateen took to facebook to pledge his loyalty to isis and threaten more attacks. as his victims lay dead or wounded on the nightclub floor. mateen's social media accounts were removed quickly but chairman ron johnson said his committee uncovered some or all of them. the senator has written a letter to facebook expressing concern and asking for information on mateen's activities. heartache at disney world. divers have found the body of 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator.
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lane grave was attacked last night at the edge of the seven seas lagoon. the boy was visiting dis ining h his family from nebraska. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "hannity." you listen to the stories of what took place and the laughter as this man was shooting incredible people. you say to yourself, how can this possibly be happening in the united states of america? how could this be happening? and we have to be tough. and we have to be smart and we have to be vigilant. it's going to happen again and again and again. and we are not doing what we're supposed to be doing. >> that was presumptive gop presidential nominee, donald trump, earlier today talking about the rising threat of isis and radical islam. now earlier, i sat down with donald trump's sons, don jr. and eric, and i asked them both about the orlando terror attack and their father's campaign.
7:15 pm
let's take a look. good to see you guys. >> good to be with you. >> all right. so we had this tragedy in orlando and it seems it has now brought to forefront of the debate in the country in terms of presidential politics, you got the refugee issue with syrian refugees. you got the immigration issue of building the wall. you got the issue of energy independence and intelligence. four of the key issues your dad has brought up in the course of this campaign. how big does this now become? >> listen, it's big. what we've shown is the left's policies of coddling, policy of appease appeasement, it doesn't work. you're not going to hug these guys into submission or get them to stop doing what they're doing. they're sociopaths. the only thing they understand is force. i hope people realize this. i mean, it's such a shame takes a tragedy like this for people to realize these are never going to be good people. these extremists are never going to be good people. they're always going do be out there trying to kill you. >> i said earlier this week i think your dad was responsible for shaming hillary clinton into
7:16 pm
finally saying radical islamic terrorism, but think about this, for the better part of the last eight years, it's been called workplace violence, overseas contingency operations, man-caused disasters, anything but what it really is. >> without a question. >> how many more do we need to go through? went through california, 9/11. >> chattanooga, boston. >> benghazi, so in others. how many do we have to go through before they say the words radical islamic terrorism? they're afraid to utter it. you can't fight an enemy if you can't call them by their name. this speaks the whole narrative. i'm glad you mentioned the wall before and protecting our southern border, taking the oil. by sending money overseas, we're funding the people that want to hurt us. the iran nuclear deal. $150 billion. kerry going on tv saying some of the money will definitely land in the hands of terrorists.
7:17 pm
how crazy are we? >> here are the differences emerging in the campaign. your dad says no temporary ban, build a wall. border patrol agents have seen more and more middle eastern men cross the border. i think the issue of energy independence is key. hillary is against coal. wants to end coal mining, fracking. against drilling. we wouldn't etch bomb parts of iraq because of environmental concerns. tease three, four big issues and the intelligence gathering represent a major now choice in the campaign. >> sean, she's not going to do anything against saudi arabia, funded $25 million over the last several years. someone out there said they've funded 20% of her campaign so far indirectly or through the clinton foundation which is a total fraud. the countries are funneling and paying for our politicians, buying our stupidity. >> i interviewed your dad yesterday and brought up this very point. this is key. you and were talking about this before, here you have saudi
7:18 pm
arabia gave as much as $25 million, maybe more to the clinton foundation. >> we don't know where that goes, by the way. that's not a charity like eric is involved into charity. goes to help kids with pediatric cancer. the rating agencies that do the charities can't tell you where the money goes. they won't look at the clinton foundation because it's morally corrupt. >> the government of brunei gives up to $5 million. qatar up to $5 million. by the way, they have laws that allow the executions of gays and lesbians. women in saudi arabia can't drive -- >> under sharia law she couldn't go in a hotel and use a bathroom in a lobby, they don't exist. sharia law doesn't allow them in so many properties. it's really, really sad. it's actually incredibly scary. they're buying political influence. >> let me focus in, though, on the policies of saudi arabia. of the government of brunei and qatar and the uae and kuwait and oman. because they practice sharia and women are told how to dress, women must dress a certain way.
7:19 pm
many countries can't drive under sharia. need four eyewitnesss for rape. men determine if they go to school or allowed to work. saudi arabia, a woman can't leave a house without a male's permission. if a woman is raped, four male eyewitnesss. now, she claims she's the champion of women's rights but took $25 million from that country and millions more from these other countries that practice sharia. gays in eight countries including many that donated to her can be executed. she claims she's a champion of gay rights, women's rights. how can she accept the money from these countries and not criticize them? did they buy her silence? >> sean, $140 million buys a lot of silence. okay? that's all it is. that's what we've seen. again, this isn't something that happened over the last few years with the clintons. i mean, these things have been going on for years. there's been smoke around everything they've ever touched. everything's been corrupt. it's the biggest example of big government corruption. paid influence. that's all they've done. they made $141 million peddling
7:20 pm
influence in our government. >> when they came out of the white house -- >> that's not a civil servant. >> when they came out of the white house they said they were dead broke. that was the line. 2001 they came out of the white house, they were dead broke. what happened when somebody -- >> they said they were dead broke but had $30 million in the bank. >> between 2013 and 2015, speeches alone, they made close to $60 million. >> while being a government employee. that's the part that's disturbing to me. i'm certainly capitalist. go out and do well for yourself. fantastic. but if you're supposed to be representing the interest of the country, you wonder, my father's been talking about this better than anybody about our awful trade deals. it's not surprising we have awful trade deals if countries like saudi arabia are giving private foundations that they have tens and millions of dollars. i mean, it's not surprising that somebody hasn't come down on them very, very hard. >> i will tell you this because believe it or not, my 30th year in raradio. i look a long younger, right? >> yes. >> my 20th year on fox. every campaign is the same. the democratic playbook.
7:21 pm
your father in the course of this campaign by the time november comes, they will try to create the image he is racist, sexist, he is homophobic, he wants to poison the air and water and take grandma in her wheelchair and throw her over the cliff and kill her. >> the average female executive at the clinton foundation makes $ $83,000 less than the average male executive yet hillary is the champion of women's issues. it's really, really sad. you can't speak out of both sides of your mouth. >> i want to know if she gives back the $25 million. >> what? >> is she going to give back the $25 million to saudi who execute gays, don't let women have rights? you can't have it both ways. that's what the left is able to get away with. always do as i say, not as i do. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> we have to stop on a temporary basis, at least, but we have to stop people from
7:22 pm
pouring into our country. >> donald trump continuing a call for a temporary muslim ban from countries with ties to terror. now, this comes as the obama administration continues to welcome in syrian refugees in spite of the fact intelligence officials are now saying that isis will infiltrate that population. when we come back, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, we'll weigh in. plus donald trump says he'll meet with the nra to talk about banning people on terror watch lists from purchasing guns. sheriff david clarke, bo dietl, they're here tonight with reaction. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. an inspiration. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures.
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(child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we have to stop on a temporary basis, at least, but we have to stop people from pouring into our country. we have to stop it. until we find out what the hell is going on. but we have to have people come in that cherish us, that love us,s that want to love us, that want to do things that don't
7:25 pm
want to destroy us. >> that was donald trump earlier today repeating his call for the united states to have a temporary ban on muslim immigration from countries with ties to terror. meanwhile the obama administration is not even willing to reconsider the president's plan to resettle thousands of syrian refugees within our borders this year. now on monday, a white house national security council spokesman told the "washington examiner" that the u.s. government "remains committed to the president's plan to resettle ref stwugees from around the wo" top intelligence and national security officials have been warning for months and months about is wherein is infiltratin refugee population. watch this. >> bring in syrian refugees pose a greater risk to americans? >> i mean, it's clearly a population of concern. >> the concern is in syria, the lack of our footprint on the ground in syria that the databases won't have the information we need. so it's not we have a lack of process, it's there's a lack of information. >> we can only query against
7:26 pm
that which we have collected, and so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home but we're not going to -- nothing will show up because we have no record on that person. >> we should be conscious that daesh may attempt to embed ag t agents within that population. >> joining us with reaction, fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. lieutenant peters, i keep mentioning it, i i want to play it again, but you have the fbi director, assistant rfbi director, director of national intelligence, the homeland security committee chairman and the president's former envoy to defeat isis saying the same thing. what happened in belgium and france, is is infiltration is
7:27 pm
going to happen here. the president and hillary want to gamble with the lives of the american people. why? >> well, for president obama, this is one more small part of his eight-year program to change america. this is about social engineering. that's also about pleasing the extreme left. now, sean, i believe that the united states should help legitimate refugees. >> so do i. >> but the ones we should be helping are the ones with no place else to go. no alternatives. and that, those are the christians of the middle east. obama has watched blithely as 2,000 years of christian the middle has been eradicated east. they're genuine refugees. they can't even go to europe because christians in the refugee asylum homes are being tormented, beaten up, threatened with rape. we could take in christians. i can guarantee you that christian refugees from syria or iraq would not be members of isis and it's very easy to know
7:28 pm
who's a christian and who's not. the other christians will tell you. >> we can also -- for those victims of a syrian civil war, i'm all in favor of a safe zone. militarily we can help protect them, provide food, water, medicine, baby formula, cots and blankets and supplies. we can take care of them, but we're told by our top intelligence officials that they will infiltrate, meaning the terrorists. why would any president risk the lives of americans? can we say with a certainty after paris and belgium that americans are going to die at the hands of some of these refugees? is that a fair statement? a fair conclusion? >> well, it's certainly the odds are greatly in favor of americans being killed by some of these refugees. whether here or in europe. but one of the complicating aggravating factors, sean, is that president obama because of his peculiar psychological makeup can never, never admit he's wrong about anything. the guy has no reverse gear. you saw, heard his tantrum, his
7:29 pm
rant yesterday about, well, you know, it doesn't matter, it makes no difference if we say islamic radical or radical islam. in fact, objectively speaking, it makes an enormous legal and military difference and many other differences as well. but he can't -- he won't back down on the immigrants. he won't back down on anything really. and i just wish that the president of the united states would spend less time defending islam and more time defending america. >> you know, if the fbi and homeland security knew about this guy in orlando ahead of time and they didn't keep him on a watch list, how are we to trust the government, these same people, to vet so many thousands of syrian refugees properly? to me, that is an impossible task. >> well, it's also impossible because they're under so many restrictions imposed by the obama administration. where the department of justice, fbi, they're prohibited from using terms in documents or filings such as islamist terror,
7:30 pm
jihad, et cetera. the same apply within our military, the military is very limited. there's great censorship in what can be said about jihad or the history of islam. the history of jihad. this is a very tyrannical administration when it comes to -- >> wait a minute. the department of homeland security bans the term sharia -- >> yes. >> -- and jihad. they're too disrespectful. we're up on a break, colonel. thank you for being with us. i appreciate it. coming up donald trump will meet with the nra about preventing people who are on terror watch lists from purchasing guns. we'll check in with sheriff david clarke and bo dietl. also later tonight -- >> you really have to get the word out yourself because the press is really dishonest. i don't mean like they made a mistake or covered it wrong, they're so dishonest. >> donald trump slamming an abusively biased liberal media and their attempts to smear his campaign. tucker carlton, lisa boothe are here with reaction and more tonight right here on "hannity."
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welcome back to "hannity." so following the orlando terror attack on sunday, the national rifle association has been vilified by the left for their stance on protecting your 2nd amendment rights and earlier today donald trump announced on twitter he was planning to meet with the nra writing, "i will be meeting with the nra who has endorsed me about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or the no-fly list to buy guns." the nra released a statement earlier today says that they were happy to meet with mr. trump and also said, "the nra believes terrorists should not be allowed to purchase or possess firearms, period. anyone on a terror watch list or tries to buy a gun should be thoroughly investigated by the fbi and the sale delayed while the investigation is ongoing." here with reaction, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. former nypd detecter bo dietl. you know, i want to start, and i want to play president obama and
7:37 pm
hillary clinton trying to make this issue about radical islam which they refuse to acknowledge, about guns. let's play it. >> enough talking about being tough on terrorism. actually be tough on terrorism and stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. reinstate the assault weapons ban. make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us. >> the terrorist in orlando was the definition of the wrong hands. and weapons of war have no place in our streets. >> all right. joining us now, sheriff david clarke, bo dietl. sheriff, all right, so these are the same two that released gitmo detainees, known terrorists and some 40% we know went back to terror. the same people that gave morsi, the former head of the muslim brotherhood, who once referred to jews as descendants of apes and pigs, well, they gave that terrorist f-16s, tanks and a
7:38 pm
billion taxpayer dollars. or the iranian $150 billion to the iranians, both of them supported that. both of them supported the idea of bringing syrian refugees here, sheriff, even though intelligence officials say that isis will infiltrate that population. to we really need lectures of our guns when this is the actions of these two people? >> sean, don't take the cheese. we're taking the cheese. this is a trap. the democrats know this. they throw the nra up as a strawman, throw gun control as a strawman when these terrorist incidents happen. they throw in the terror watch list this time. to distract us from the real issue. you know this. the real issue here is that president obama has been an abject failure in terms of keeping people on the homeland here in the united states safe from terror. he is incapable of doing that. and they don't want that discussion to be had so they throw these other issues in there to cloud it. they'd rather have us talking about whether gun control works
7:39 pm
or not than talking about the fact that the president of the united states, barack obama, cannot keep us safe. now, as for lists, look, that's a very slippery slope, and you know who agrees with me on this? the "l.a. times," "the new york times," "washington post" and "huffington post," when government keeps secret list with no due process, in case you're place the on there wrongly, the nra made it very clear they do not want terrorists or people on terror watch list to get firearms but at the same time, if you're on there wrongly like fox news contributor steven hayes who's on a no-fly list, he's having a heck of a time trying to get off of it -- >> i think anybody that is on that list ought to have the opportunity to get off the list and have the due process that you rightly refer to. i don't think i'm taking the cheese, though, because they did rehe release gitmo terrorists who went back to the battlefield, gave mohamed morsi of the muslim brotherhood all that weaponry, made the iranian deal and want syrian refugees in the country
7:40 pm
though our national director of intelligence, fbi director and others all say that isis will infiltrate, so to me the big picture is they've got it wrong on every case involving radical islam. but they try and make it about guns. >> exactly. you know this. i know that you know it. but i don't know that a lot of other people do because we're embroiled in too many of these discussions about watch lists and guns and some of these other things but what you just mentioned about the release of gitmo detainees and some of those other things, that's what they don't want us talking about and that's what we have, we on the right -- >> great point. >> -- have to bring this conversation back around to these failed policies of barack obama. >> and the failure, and to the list, they can't say radical islam. they refuse to. >> i mean, he missed the whole point, the ideology of these radicals, what it's all about, whether it be a gun, bomb, knife. that's how they kill. my problem is this thing is i do support, if you're on this list, this terrorist list, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. i think the nra supports that
7:41 pm
100%. but the thing that i'm really angry about, you have about 12,000 fbi agents across the country, we have hundreds of thousands of law enforcement. why, sean, is not the fbi filtering down these lists of these people on these terrorist lists where the local law enforcements, milwaukee county with the good sheriff, why isn't he getting the names of these people in his area so he can filter down and use his manpower to follow these guys if the fbi don't have the manpower? >> let me go back to this list. i'll just scroll it. we went through it earlier in the program. saudi arabia, kuwait, uae, brunei, all these countries, qatar, oman, algeria, that gave money to the clinton foundation. women, gays, women, lesbian, christians, jews, against all of them. >> what you have here, you have a president missing the point here.
7:42 pm
these are people who want us dead. >> sheriff, you look at that -- >> that's one of those failed policies i'm talking about. the fact that the fbi has their hands tied. this guy, omar mateen, was removed from the terror watch list because of obama's policies that you don't have this very high standard of probable cause to make an arrest, he doesn't want the fbi trailing them anymore. that's not the fbi's fault. it's another one of the failed policies and that's why they continue to take us down rabbit holes with all these other things with start to get involved in in terms of discussions. you get it, sean. other people get it. i get it. i think there are too many other people -- i heard from -- >> you know, sheriff, you're exactly right. and as far as i'm concerned, when these things come down, all these lists and all that, these people, let the local law enforcement -- it comes down from the attorney general, from when we had holder that, that set the precedence. now you got loretta young there, loretta lynch, whatever her name is, copying the same thing. the fbi only gets controlled by
7:43 pm
the united states attorney general. we have weak attorney generals and that's our problem. >> bo, thank you, sheriff, good to see you. thank you both for being with us. up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> you really have to get the word out, yourself, because the press is really dishonest. i don't mean, like, they made a mistake or didn't quite cover it wrong. they are so dishonest. >> donald trump fighting back against the liberal media after the press has repeatedly tried to smear him. tucker carlson, lisa boothe, they're here next with reaction. that and more tonight right here on "hannity." new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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>> test test. >> test test and welcome back to "hannity." so donald trump, he continues to take issue with how the mainstream media is unfairly covering his campaign. today, he tweeted, "the press is so totally biased that we have no choice but to take our putou, fair, smart message directly to the people." today "the new york times" put an outrageous article by op-ped columnist andrew rosenthal about trump's ban. he suggests the ban may lead to american muslims being rounded up then writes, "the mass arrest and forced movement of large populations has been an instrument of genocide throughout history. that is how the turks committed genocide against the armenians in the early 20th century. how the united states government
7:49 pm
disseminated native american tribes and how stalin killed millions of his own citizens." here with reaction, fox news contributor, tucker carlson. "washington examiner" reporter, lisa boothe. lisa, let me get this straight. james clapper, national director of intelligence, fbi director comey. head of the house homeland security committee, the chairman, mike mccaul, and obama's former special envoy to defeat isis, general john allen, all said isis will infiltrate the refugee population like they did in belgium and like they did in france. so, donald trump says until we can straighten that out, temporary ban. how does it become stalin and genocide as this writer puts forth? >> right, sean. well, what you're pointing out is the buy whereas in tias in t. look, donald trump is not the
7:50 pm
first republican candidate to face this biased media. he certainly won't be the last. study after study, sean, shows us that the media is liberal. and it's not just the op-ped that you mentioned from "the new york times." they also ran a hit piece attacking forward and denounced the piece. the washington post bragged about hiring 20 opposition researchers. >> 24. >> 24. to dig up dirt on donald trump so time after time, we face the bias in the media. >> good point and tucker, we saw this with the "new york times" story, ignored kathleen willey and dolly kyle and paula jones. denied those. didn't go into those stories. >> right. >> didn't go into the smearing of women that spoke up. they don't cover the guantanamo bay detainees in the battlefield or mohammed horsi's part of the islamic brotherhood and what our own intelligence officer said.
7:51 pm
so, you know, i don't blame mr. trump for being mad about the bias here. >> it's real. there is nothing wrong with organizations vetting presidential candidates. but it's a matter of scale and tone. so you get the impression reading the "new york times," washington post considering trump not just wrong but immoral. a threat to the country. once considering someone immoral, or someone who is going to destroy the nation with him, then there is nothing -- you can't go too far in stopping that person. the job becomes not just to record what the person says, but influence the outcome of the election. i think a lot of journalists, i know that, because i live in this world they believe they have a moral obligation to stop this buy. >> i'm taking it further. he said you've got a coordinated hillary-obama message which is donald trump doesn't have the
7:52 pm
temperment to be president. does hillary have judgment to be president giving $150 billion to iranian terrorists? the number one state sponsor of terrorists? or arms to former muslim brotherhood head or releasing gitmo detainees? >> it's riddic and somehow, donald trump is not giving access to media. i argue donald trump has probably done more interviews than any and this year, we have a candidate who went a couple months without talking to the media and who intentionally and methodically set up a private server and deleted e-mails. >> it's like the john dean of
7:53 pm
our day. owe i think it's a different scale. in the end, that is well noted and they suck up to power to the establishment. that is who they are. the kids who sat in the front row and raised their hand in class in 9th grade. and they feel free to attack trump in a way they'd never attack the establishment republican candidate mitt romney, john mccain, bob doel because he's outside their world. if you're interested in temporarily ban immigration from
7:54 pm
the middle east, europe has had muslim immigration for 50 years. how has that turned out? let's take a look at what sweden is dealing with now for balance. that never occurred before. >> you mean the womens' swimming pool? >> that is right. >> well said. tucker, good to see you and lisa, thank you. >> we need your help, a very-important question of the day. we need your answer, straight ahead. ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. planters. nutrition starts with nut. i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds.
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8:00 pm
morsi tanks and money? thoughts? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> she will basically do whatever obama wants her to do, you understand why. she is being totally protected. she is being 100 percent protected. >> donald trump now saying president obama's protecting hillary clinton in the email investigation. also, the terror, war of words between the president and mr. trump continues. we will deal with both situations tonight. >> i do not think a muslim ban is in our country's interest. >> speaker of the house paul ryan will enter the no spin zone. we have a lot of questions for him. ♪ i'm not ready to make nice ♪ i'm not ready to back down. >> also ahead, the dixie chicks trying to make a come back but they